Hmodel - Radim Horký

Husova 1229/18, Jeseník, mail:, tel:+420603879779

Quintus 1:3                                                          ARF kit   EUR 4462,-

Span   7666mm                                                                           Kit contain complette plane in withe gelcoat, applied stickers,

Length  2700mm                                                                          all interior parts,  tow release,retractable gear, instalation material

Ready to fly weight  14-15 kg                        

Wing loading cca 85g/m2                                                         Options  - complette interior made                            135,-

                                                                                                                          instaled sevocabels                                     84,-

Transport dimmensions :                                                                            water ballast tanks                                       98,-

Fuse 2700m incl. rudder                                                                             acl repaints (nose+ winglets in red)        121,-

Wing main panel 2070mm ,  wing tip 1690mm                                     carbon design-  bottom wisible carbon plain  163,-


We reccomend retractable EDF Vasafan 90mm. Easy and fast start from the ground!

More photos from model of our customer...

We reccomand E-POD, simple way to climb up!


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