Hmodel - Radim Horký

Husova 1229/18, Jeseník, mail:, tel:+420603879779

Jonker JS1- 18/21 EVO  scale 1:2

Basic features:

-High scale performance

-Two part fuselage  (length of the front part cca 2 m, tail 1,6 m)

-Four part wing of the 18m version ( length of the midle panels cca 2,8m tips cca 2m)

-Four or six part wing of the 21m version (length of the tips cca 2,7m)  Will be developed after fiinshing of the 18m project.

-Trias retractable gear, with positioning for easy self launch start and landing

-Ready for all SLS systems on the market, incl. FES and EDF (impeller)

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