Hmodel - Radim Horký

Husova 1229/18, Jeseník, mail:, tel:+420603879779


How to be independent? Just easy instal E-POD in your plane. Its simple system for 6S li-po cells, outrunner motor and the folding prop.

Ideal self launch for our Arcus 6,6m and Quintus.  Video...


VIDEO0055.mp4 from RadimHorky on Vimeo.

Version 1

                    Pylon without motor, tubing for connetion, motor spar, spiner  ready for 8/3mm folding prop, univerzal fuselage

                    spars for fixing

Price EUR  199,-

Version 2

                   Pylon with AXI 4130 20, tubing for connetion, motor spar, spiner  with Aeronaut prop 17/11" (optimal for 6S 5000mA/h,

                   curent draw cca 70-80A)

                   Imput power cca 1500W  For such a capacity we climb at least two times up to 500m, including take off .

                                                                                                                                       Price  EUR   348,-




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