Hmodel - Radim Horký

Husova 1229/18, Jeseník, mail:, tel:+420603879779

Technical details:

  Wing span 6.6 m

  Length 2,9m

  Wing area 174dm2

  Maximum all-up mass 17-20 kg

  Range of wing loading 90-110g/dm2

  Water tank capacity approx. 5kg



  Complette interior made, include Instruments-set

  Interior Instruments-set

  Water ballast tanks 5kg 

  Instalaton for Elicker´s KTW 

  Connectors and cables

  Instalaton for AFT 25“  ( fuse ready to instal frame and AFT mechanic ,with cutted doors)

  Wheel disc brake

  Scale fuselage repaint

 Signal fluorescent painting


  Controled functions:
  ailerons, tip ailerons, elevator, rudder , flaps, air brake, air tow, retractable gear, water ballast tanks, wheel brake.

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My setting v. 3.12

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