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NEW! New firmware 2. generation!

Anti Collision Light system form KT electronic.

Simple system keep your model safety during flying at increased air traffic or reduced visibility. It also helps to accelerate the discovery of the model during momentary state of his sight. Basic unit has two output, for example, one for tail slot (with 6 LED) and one for winglets (2x 3LED). As LED power supply any 2cell Li-xx is possible (via mpx connector). Driver power supply is possible wia free chanel in your receiver, ON/OFF switching via free chanel or by Y-cabel ( mix with tow release or retractable gear etc.)

-Tip: for easy control of your ACL unit,  just connect + and - to your receiver. Unit will atomatically start blinking, if receiver is on.

-Tip: Save weight and use as main power supply your receiver 2S li-po pack. You can also connect ACL wia ballancer connector (cut out MPX)

ACL basic set contain driver and two LEDsegments.  Price EUR 90,-


We also offer instalation in our models. This is not very easy, if you do not want to disrupt the aerodynamic properties of assembled parts. We are able to instal 3 LED segmets in the winglets. One segment with6 LED   in the stabiliser is glued in the transparet block, which must be repainted, that means, you must accept upside fuselage repaint. All cabels without connectors will be instaled in the wing and fuse.

Price of instalation in the winglets and stabiliser    EUR 110,-

Price of scale fueselage repaint of the up side       EUR 127,-

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